How to Deal With Different Sleep Schedules

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Published On 22 Sep 2014

A good night’s sleep is important to manage stress levels and avoid any unnecessary tension in your relationship. When you have to deal with different sleep schedules than your partner, you’re not only risking upsetting your sleep, you might also run into emotional issues.

Find out how to reach compromise when it comes to sleeping patterns and make the best out of a bad situation. Whether you and your partner have jobs that demand different sleep schedules, or you simply prefer snoozing at different times, here’s how to deal with the problem.

Assess the Impact on Your Relationship

Sometimes different sleep patterns can just be a small inconvenience, other times they can affect both your sexual and emotional fulfillment. If your sex life has suffered or if you miss the emotional connection of going to bed at the same time, you have to start working on the issue quickly. Even if the impact is limited to the quality of sleep, that can still mess with your stress hormones and make you more likely to have a fight with your partner.

Stay Open to Finding a Solution

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