How Sugar Can Ruin Your Skin | The Negative Effects of Eating Sugar

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Published On 20 May 2014

The bitter truth is that sugar can ruin your skin! While it's been known for a while that sugar won't be doing the waistline or health any favors, the fact sugar affects the skin is less obvious since preventing skin aging is mostly linked to habits such as getting adequate sun protection and moisturizing. However, given the negative effects of sugar on the skin and aging, reducing sugar consumption might be one of the best things you can do for your skin. Here's why:

Sugar causes inflammation

Rapid raises in blood sugar cause changes in the cell's structure, which trigger inflammation throughout the body. The inflammation can exacerbate acne, cause the skin to lose its radiance and even deepen fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to the other types of health problems that inflammation is linked to.

Sugar damages collagen and elastin

Eating Cupcakes

When sugar enters the bloodstream it attaches to proteins and forms harmful compounds known as advanced glycation end products or AGEs for short. The more sugar you consume, the more such compounds are formed in the body, which means that the collagen fibers become stiff and inflexible and can lead to the formation of deep wrinkles.

Sugar changes the type of collagen you have

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