Give Your Hair a Break and Style It Without Heat!

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Published On 22 Jul 2014

Putting the flat iron, curling iron and even your hair dryer away feels like you’re giving up on a wide variety of looks, but the truth is that you can achieve most using no heat styling tools, with the right products and simple techniques.

Discover how to style hair without heat, whether you’re going for a straight or curly texture, or you just want casual beach waves. You can even get crimped hair without any heat damage, so explore these alternative styling methods that don’t involve any heat.

How to Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

If your hair dryer has a cold air setting, you’ll find it very useful in straightening your hair without risking any heat damage, but it’s not the only options. Once you’ve decided to stop using a flat iron, you need to rethink all your styling products.

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