Give Your Diet and Exercise Routine a Summer Makeover

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Published On 27 May 2014

Working out in warm weather, whether it’s over 80F/27C with high humidity or over 95F/35C, can be dangerous if you don’t take care of yourself. Following the right exercise and diet guidelines during the summer months can help you achieve sustainable results, without giving up because you’ve had enough or hurting yourself in the process.

Get familiar with the best diet and exercise tips for hot weather, whether you’re working on toning your muscles or losing the extra pounds during summer.

Work Out In the Morning or Indoors

If you can avoid exercise during the hottest times of the day, it would be wise to do just that. Getting up earlier to exercise in the colder hours of the morning is best, but that doesn’t mean you should skip sunscreen. 

If you prefer exercising indoors in an air-conditioned room, it’s a good way of avoiding the risk of dehydration and other heat related issues, including heat cramps and hear exhaustion.

Get Used to Good Hydration

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