Get Fit with the Best Sports for Weight Loss

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Published On 03 Jul 2014

From summer sports to winter activities, sports can keep you fit while also helping you lose weight. Find out which sports can burn the most calories and decide which is the right one for your lifestyle.

Discover the best sports for weight loss and enjoy an outdoors activity that will help you stay healthy, while also having a good effect in helping you lose the extra pounds.


You don’t need any special equipment or teams to go running. You can burn a lot of calories, depending on your speed. If you’re looking to burn over 1,000 calories, you should know that an running for an hour at a pace of an 8-minute mile can burn over 1,150. If you go faster, the 6-minute mile can help you burn around 1,4000 calories if you manage to keep it up for 60 minutes.



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