Get Fit With Some of the Best Celebrity Workout Videos

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Published On 26 Jun 2014

Many celebrity workout videos are a quick cash grab, while others are well researched and deliver the results they promise. From classic workout videos to the newest releases, discover a few of the best celebrity workout videos.

Whether you’re more into getting Kim Kardashian’s sexy butt or Kelly Rowland’s perfect abs, give these celebrity workouts a try. From Dancing with the Stars to Chuck Norris, here are some of the popular workout videos from Hollywood.

Dancing with the Stars: Dance Off the Pounds

The professional dancers from “Dancing with the Stars” have contributed to many workout videos, but the best rated one is “Dance Off the Pounds”. Kym, Dmitry and Lacey show off three cardio dance routines, that are both fun and effective at helping you tone your body. Whether you prefer Quickstep, Swing or Jive, these effective dance routines don’t disappoint.

Dancing With The Stars Dance Off The Pounds

Madonna’s Addicted to Sweat

After getting into the fitness business by lending her name to a series of gyms in 7 countries, Madonna teamed up with her personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, for “Addicted to Sweat”. While they’re not recommended for beginners, the intense exercise routines from the DVD series are definitely among the best celebrity workout videos.

Madonna Addicted To Sweat

Kelly Rowland’s Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt

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