Foods to Avoid If You Can’t Go

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Published On 23 Aug 2014

Using laxatives regularly can actually lead to more constipation in the long run, as your bowels get used to them and don’t function that well in their absence. A much better way to avoid constipation is to be a bit more careful about what you’re eating.

Find out more about which constipation foods to avoid if you want to have regular bowel movements. A single serving won’t make a difference, but when you indulge in these foods regularly, you might end up dealing with constipation.

Fast Food

Fried foods aren’t that good for keeping your digestive track working in optimal conditions, but when they’re also heavily processed, you might have a problem. Most fast food is very low in fiber, so if you’re eating it regularly, you might end up having less bowel movements than you’d like. Add frozen dinners and chips to the list of food that’s not exactly good for your digestive system.


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