Foods for Great Abs

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Published On 26 Mar 2014

Diet can be just as important as exercise when it comes to great abs, so combining fat-fighting foods with foods that are great for your muscles is a great way to make sure your abs stand out. Start eating the right way and you’ll increase your chances of getting rid of belly flat and showing off a flat tummy.

Discover some of the best foods for great abs that act in different ways for the same purpose: getting your abs flat, toned, and ready to flaunt. If good looking abs are the missing ingredient for your bikini body, you can’t miss out on these foods!


One of the best protein sources for building muscle mass, eggs have the added benefit of keeping away hunger pangs, especially when they’re eaten for breakfast. Take complex carbs out of your breakfast and go with eggs for a meal that will keep your energy levels up and allow you to be active and exercise for your perfect abs.

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