Find Your Birthstone by Zodiac Sign

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Published On 03 Jun 2014

Whether or not you believe in a deep connection between gemstones and each zodiac sign, having at least one piece of jewelry with your birthstone in connection to the horoscope is said to bring good luck.

Find out which semiprecious and precious stones are associated with your horoscope sign and decide for yourself whether you want to wear them as part of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

Aries – Heliotrope

One of the oldest zodiac birthstones associated with the sign of the archer, the heliotrope is available in two varieties. The green chalcedony with yellow inclusions is called plasma, but you should be looking for the green variety with red inclusions, either red jasper or iron oxide, called bloodstones.

Birthstone For Aries Heliotrope

Taurus – Sapphire

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