Essie Haute in the Heat Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collection

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Published On 13 May 2014

The Essie Haute in the Heat summer 2014 nail polish collection is already available for pre-order and it seems that the beloved nail polish brand is releasing six gorgeous tones for this year's hottest days. 

The label has prepared several cool vibrant tones worth experimenting with from punchy tones to more subdued alternatives for the new season. After bringing several chic pastels worth trying in the newest Essie bridal nail polish line, this time the label is tackling a bolder side of style with several on-trend hues with an easily distinguishable cheerful vibe.

The new Essie nail polishes for summer 2014 are designed to go perfectly with tanned skin. Stealing the spotlight with the new options won't be a challenge given the fact these shades are meant to attract attention instantly! 

Looking to update your nail polish kit for the sandal season with fab new tones? These alternatives are without a doubt worth considering. Just a glimpse at the new name of the new Essie summer 2014 nail polishes makes us dream about lazy summer days spent at the beach and cool summer parties that eventually turn into cherished memories. Here are the choices the label is bringing into the spotlight:

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