Essie Bridal 2014 Nail Polish Collection

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Published On 07 May 2014

The Essie Bridal 2014 nail polish collection titled "She Said Yes!" is designed to help brides shine on their big day down to the tiniest detail! From choosing a dreamy wedding gown to planning every single aspect of the look for the big day, each choice has a significant impact, which means leaving things to chance isn't an option.

In creating the new Essie bridal 2014 nail lacquers, the label has considered not only selecting gorgeous tones that will have a sophisticated timeless allure, but also complementing various skin tones, especially given the fact that both the engagement and the wedding ring will be on display a lot, so being able to confidently show them off is a definite must.

With these things in mind, the label has chosen four delicate, refined options with a unique twist designed to make both brides to be and women who have a soft spot for elegant tones fall in love. While two of the new tones have a matte finish, the other two have more attention grabbing finishes. Here are the gorgeous wedding nail polish tones the new 2014 line is defined by and the brand's unique perspective:

Essie Bridal 2014 Nail Polishes

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