Documentary Reveals Dark Sides of Plus Size Modeling

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Published On 28 Apr 2014

'A Perfect 14' is an inspiring new documentary which examines the struggles plus size models have to face in order to be accepted by the fashion industry and mass media. The documentary, produced by Canadian filmmakers James Earl O'Brien and Giovanna Morales Vargas, offers a glimpse into the struggles of three plus size models, Elly Mayday, Laura Wells and Kerosene Deluxe, who frequently faced discrimination on their way to success because of their size.

The filmmakers also spoke to modeling agencies, fashion photographers and designers, in an effort to illustrate the need for a less narrow definition of beauty which includes women of different sizes and which empowers women rather than making them feel inadequate for being far from an arbitrary set notion of a perfect body size.

The three plus size models interviewed in the documentary share the many setbacks they have encountered on their way to becoming successful and the difficult yet inspiring path to a positive self image. Elly Mayday, one of the fastest rising plus size Canadian models, shares an emotional story about choosing to continue modeling even after being diagnosed with an extremely rare form of ovarian cancer at the age of 25 and eventually signing a contract with one of the largest modeling agencies in New York.

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