China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014 Nail Polish Collection

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Published On 13 May 2014

The new China Glaze Off Shore summer 2014 nail polish collection is scheduled to hit the stores soon. As the name suggests, the new line is inspired by activities such as “hitting the surf, paddle boarding along the coast, floating down a river or lounging poolside”. In other words, the label's new offerings are defined by the an idyllic vision of a hot summer and the color choices offered certainly highlight the theme.

While the spring season was all about pretty pastels and delicate effects, summer comes with a more vibrant color palette designed to win the spotlight in a matter of seconds. Neons are among the top contenders for a flawless manicure that becomes a hot accessory for any summer outfit, however, even the tones the nail brand describes as being mellow are attention grabbing enough to become instant focal points. This time, the label didn't include any shimmery pigments into the new line opting instead for chic tones with a crème finish for all the twelve new tones from the new line which is divided in two as follows:

The China Glaze Off Shore Stoked to Be Soaked line which features the following shades:

China Glaze Stoked To Be SoakedChina Glaze Sea's The Day

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