Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

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Published On 05 Sep 2014

With price tags that make them available to a wide range of buyers, celebrity fragrances rarely manage to impress and make a lasting connection with their audience. More often than not, they end up smelling cheap or simply unsophisticated.

Check out a few of the worst celebrity fragrances, perfumes that failed to impress any connoisseurs, and which also rubbed many casual buyers the wrong way.

Signature Summer for Her by David & Victoria Beckham

Launching a total of 23 fragrances in less than a decade, David & Victoria Beckham have managed to saturate the market with their perfumes, while still cashing in on their celebrity. 

Signature Summer For Her By David   Victoria Beckham Fragrance

Signature Summer for Her is not the only dud in their range, but it’s worst offender. A forgettable floral with weak lasting power, has strong top notes of freesia and water lilly, but quickly fades into a simple vanilla scent.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Fame By Lady Gaga Fragrance

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