Celebrities Who Were Born Rich

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Published On 19 Jun 2014

Some celebrities have enjoyed the A-list lifestyle since childhood, because their wealthy families sent them to the best private schools. Discover a few celebrities who were born rich, and ended up making their own millions.

From billionaire heirs to actors and singers who come from very rich families, here are the celebrities you might not know were born rich.

Taylor Swift

Born in a family with three generations of bank presidents, Taylor Swift definitely had everything as a child, as she grew up on an 11-acre estate. Her father works as a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch, while her mother retired from her position as a mutual fund marketing executive in order to become a homemaker.

Taylor Swift

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

TV actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus made a lot of money when starring on “Seinfeld”, but she’s one of the celebrities who were born rich, so she could have simply spent her father’s billions. Julia is one of the three heiresses to the Louis Dreyfus Group fortune, but she pursued a career in theatre, before finding her calling in comedy.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Armie Hammer

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