Celebrities Who Made It to Fame After 30

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Published On 04 Jul 2014

From actors who followed their dream into their 40s to late bloomers in music and fashion design, some of the biggest celebrities in the world only became famous later in life. Some stars switched careers in their 30s, while others refused to give up on their childhood dreams and achieved fame and success well after they turned 30.

Discover their stories and learn more about the celebrities who made it after 30, using their life experience in order to advance their careers faster.

Vivienne Westwood

After studying at the Harrow School of Art for just one year, British designer Vivienne Westwood switched gears and became a primary school teacher. Her love of fashion led her to design her own wedding dress, but she only started opening stores in her late 30s and she was 41 when she had her first runway show.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Even though she started her acting career in 1994, Kerry Washington went through a long phase of small parts. She’s definitely one of the celebrities who made it after 30, since she was 35 when Shonda Rhimes cast her in “Scandal”, turning her into a household name.

J. K. Rowling

Jk Rowling

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