Celebrities Who Have More Kids Than You Think

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Published On 28 May 2014

While some big families, like the Kardashians or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, get a lot of media attention, some celebrity parents manage to keep their personal lives personal, so finding out just how many they kids they have can come as a shock.

Find out more about the celebrities who have more kids than you think, whether the children are biological, adopted or simply came with their partner.

Heidi Klum – 4 Children

Few models can continue their underwear modelling career after giving birth once or twice, but Heidi Klum managed to stay in shape even after four births. While her first daughter (Leni) was conceived before she started her relationship with Seal, the who had three more children together, two sons (Henry, Johan) and another daughter (Lou).

Heidi Klum 4 Children

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