Celebrities Who Fired Back: A-Listers Who Sued the Media

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Published On 23 Jun 2014

Tabloids and paparazzi often expose dirty celebrity secrets, but some A-listers fight back, especially when complete fabrications end up on the covers of publications with millions of readers. Find out which celebrities managed to get a payoff in court or settled early.

Here are the celebrities who sued the media, and mostly won, either with a victory in court or with an undisclosed settlement.

Hugh Grant

Many major celebrities sued News Corp. in wake of the phone hacking scandal that involved British tabloid “The Sun”. Hugh Grant also sued the media company for tapping into his phone and publishing information obtained illegally. He settled along with 143 other cases in the same day for an undisclosed amount. Other celebrities who sued the media in the same scandal, like singer Charlotte Church, settled for more than half a million pounds.

Hugh Grant

Britney Spears

One of the stars who had less success in court and didn’t manage to get a settlement, Britney Spears tried to sue “Us Weekly” in 2006. The publication claimed that the singer and husband Kevin Federline had recorded a sex tape. Spears couldn’t prove in court that the claim managed to affect her reputation, even if it was false, since the judge ruled that her image was already very sexual.

Britney Spears

Kate Winslet

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