Can You Fix a Relationship That Moved Too Fast

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Published On 28 Sep 2014

Whirlwind romances sometimes last a lifetime, but many other times, they end up with a very quick and unexpected break up. Moving too fast in your relationship can actually shorten the “honeymoon phase” and draw attention to incompatibilities that would be easier to fix if things moved slower in the first place.

It’s not easy to fix a relationship that moved too fast, but if you’re really into your partner, then here are a few tips that you can employ to solve the problem without pushing your guy away for good.

Be Honest With Yourself

Before you talk to your partner about slowing down, it’s important to really analyze your own reasons for wanting it. If you skip too many steps in a relationship you can certainly have trouble later on, but “moving too fast” can also be code for having bad feeling and refusing to accept major incompatibilities that were revealed by sharing too much too soon.

Discuss the Problem

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