Bleached Blonde Hair Care

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Published On 27 Mar 2014

Most hair dyes can damage your tresses, but bleaching is by far the harshest treatment for your hair. Once you go blonde through bleaching, your hair can quickly get dry and brittle. From protecting your hair to keeping it beautiful, discover the essentials of bleached blonde hair care.

Since peroxide strips away natural oils and moisture from your hair, you’ll need to be extra careful about restoring that moisture and keeping your hair free of split ends. If you want your bleached blonde look to be stunning, here’s what you need to do for your hair.

Minimize the Impact of Bleach

Whether you’re getting light blonde highlights or going for a light base color, you need to be careful about bleaching your hair too often. Use it only on the roots once you feel like you need touch-ups, then follow the rules of bleached blonde hair care.

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