Biggest Celebrity Twitter Meltdowns

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Published On 10 Jul 2014

While Twitter has shrunk the gap between celebrities and their fans, that’s not always a good thing. Some big celebs have used the micro-blogging platform to go on unpleasant rants, that ended up offending many of their fans.

Discover a few of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns from stars who embarrassed themselves by taking things too far on the social site. From attacking their fans to venting about things they perceive as a major injustice, here are the biggest Twitter breakdowns.

Anthony Cumia

Fired by Sirius XM after a racist rant, Anthony Cumia, half of the half of the longtime radio team “Opie & Anthony,” made some very controversial remarks on Twitter. After getting attacked by an African-American woman in New York, Cumia spilled his rage on the social media site with various racist slurs aimed at the woman, and the entire black community. “They aren’t people”, “I hope she gets shot in her ass f**k face” and “Animal pig f**k c**t b***h” are just a few of the aggressive tweets the radio DJ published, then deleted.

Anthony Cumia Twitter Meltdown

Nicki Minaj

In one of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns, Nicki Minaj lashed out at fans who were disappointed that she canceled two UK performances in 2012. Using the hashtags #goFuckYourselves and #killyafuckingself, Minaj defended herself, claiming that her health was the reason for the cancellation and that lipsyncing was out of the question.

Nicki Minaj Twitter Meltdown

Alec Baldwin

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