Best Sports for Toning Legs

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Published On 16 Aug 2014

Running is one of the best ways to keep your legs in shape, but if you’re easily bored of working out and jogging, a sport might be the best way to burn calories while also toning your legs from top to bottom.

Check out the best sports for toning legs, team activities and solo workouts that can be much more fun than being stuck at the gym. These sports will work everything from your calves to your glutes, and can even help tone your arms.


If you’re tired of stationary bikes, take your workout outdoors. Biking is an excellent way to tone all of your leg muscles at the same time, from quadriceps to hamstrings. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, try toe clips, which increase the resistance of the pedals. 

Moderate cycling, at around 12-13.9 mph can burn over 550 calories per hour if you weight around 150lbs.

Roller Skating

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