Best Reasons for a Long Engagement

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Published On 21 Nov 2014

When you’re trying to figure out if a shorter engagement is better or if you should make it longer, it’s important to know all the positive aspects of waiting before tying the knot.

Learn the best reasons for a long engagement and decide for yourself if waiting is the best option for you and your fiancé. From removing a lot of the pressure when it comes to planning the wedding and paying for everything to a few emotional benefits, here’s why a long engagement might be the right way to go.

Having the Time to Enjoy Being Engaged

Most brides barely get to know how being engaged feels like because they’re too wrapped up in the wedding planning. Taking the time to enjoy this step in your life is important, especially if you haven’t dated for that long before deciding that you were meant for each other.

Getting to Really Know Each Other

If you opt for a short engagement after a few months of dating, you don’t really know the guy you’re marrying. You might know he’s a good person, but you don’t know how compatible you really are before you actually go through many different experiences together. That’s one of the best reasons for a long engagement, because getting a divorce is a lot harder and more hurtful than breaking up.

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