Best Pedicure Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Published On 18 Nov 2014

A good pedicure has 6 simple steps: soak, scrub, trim, file, moisturize, and polish. When you’re doing it yourself, you can spend a lot of time trying to get everything right. That’s where the right pedicure hacks can help you out, either to save time or to fix problems that seem unsolvable.

Try the best pedicure hacks and improve the look and feel of your toenails. From fixing a broken toenail to making sure that you’re removing all the dead skin cells, check out these simple life hacks that could make your pedicure a lot easier.

Fix a Broken Nail with a Tea Bag

Dealing with a broken toenail is never pleasant, particularly if you plan on wearing open toe shoes. The best way to fix the problem is using a little paper from an unused teabag. Place it over the broken part of the nail, then add another layer of polish. This quick fix will keep your broken toenail in place until it grows enough that you can fix the damage easily.

Use Vaseline to Prevent Staining Your Cuticles

Since toenails are a lot smaller than your nails, the risk of making a mistake when you’re applying polish is even bigger. Try one of the best pedicure hacks and secure your cuticles with a little Vaseline. Any area that’s coated in it will not allow polish to stick, so make sure that it doesn’t get on your toenails before you start painting them.

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