Best Foods to Eat When Sick

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Published On 11 Sep 2014

When you’re sick, proper nutrition is very important, since it can mean the difference between helping your immune system fight the infection quicker and your body get over the symptoms or putting an obstacle in the way of your recovery.

Check out a few of the best foods to eat when sick, whether you’re dealing with a fever, a stomach flu, a cold, or even allergies. They can boost your immunity or soothe your stomach, helping you recover faster. Forget about “starving a cold”, and make sure that you give your body all the right nutrients.

Broth-Based Soup

Soups are the best homemade cold and flu remedy. With anti-inflammatory properties, a warm bowl of chicken soup can help with congestion, while also keeping you hydrated when you’re sick. It’s all thanks to cysteine, an amino acid found in chicken, which can make a big difference when you’re dealing with a respiratory infection.

Toast and Crackers

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