Best Foods for Skin Repair

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Published On 10 Sep 2014

A few vitamins and minerals are very important for the state of your skin. Vitamin C, and other antioxidants, along with zinc, selenium and protein can help you out when you’re skin is having issues.

Discover a few of the best foods for skin repair, and find out why they’re important for your complexion. While taking multivitamins certainly helps, getting the right nutrients from the best foods for your skin can have a more beneficial effect in the long run.


One of the most effective ingredients in homemade masks, avocado is definitely one of the best foods for skin repair. Rich in antioxidants carotenoids that range from beta carotene to lutein, this fruit also offers a decent amount of vitamin C and monounsaturated fatty acids that can help moisturize your skin from the inside out. However, avocado’s biggest benefit is vitamin E, which protects your skin from the effects of radiation.


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