Best Eating Habits of the Skinny

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Published On 09 Sep 2014

If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, restrictive diets may not be the best way to reach and keep your ideal weight. Instead, healthy eating habits can lead to sustainable weight loss, and skinny people are a good place to start.

Take a look at a few of the best eating habits of the skinny, which might help you lose the extra pounds or simply stay at your target weight without having to resort to diets with severe calorie restrictions.

Focus on Eating

Step away from any screen whenever you’re having a meal or a snack. Multi-tasking is the wrong way to go when it comes to eating. Without enjoying your food, you’ll feel less full, even if your stomach is at the limit. Enjoy every bite and you’ll get a much more filling sensation, plus you’re more likely to exercise natural portion control and not overeat.

Customizing Your Order When Eating Out

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