Best Dressed Men in Hollywood

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Published On 11 Jun 2014

Many stars get on the best dressed list by going for timeless elegance and sticking to what they know works for them, but others get style points from fashion critics by being unique and taking risks instead of simply choosing a perfectly tailored suit.

See a few of the best dressed men in Hollywood, some more daring than others, but all of them worthy of praise for their great style choices, from the red carpet to their personal lives.

Tom Hiddleston

Coming in at number 2 in a top made by the British edition of GQ Magazine, Tom Hiddleston certainly has a unique style that helps him stand out on the red carpet among bigger stars. With a preference for slim and dark suits with modern lines, Hiddleston has certainly managed to eclipse many of his co-stars in the wardrobe department.

Tom Hiddleston

Justin Timberlake

The only singer who could get away with writing a song about ties, Justin Timberlake picked up many style elements from older stars, but always adds his personal touch for a unique geek chic vibe. Justin’s combination of dapper and fresh makes him one of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

Justin Timberlake Style

George Clooney

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