Best Celebrity Comebacks

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Published On 16 Jun 2014

While the media loves a good comeback story, not all celebrities get a shot at redemption or relevance for a second time. Discover some of the best celebrity comebacks, coming after a darker period in the lives of celebs or simply after a few failed projects.

From Britney Spears and Robert Downey Jr. to Ellen DeGeneres and Ben Affleck, check out a few of the most impressive celebrity comebacks.

Britney Spears

After her breakdown in 2007, few people believed that Britney Spears could ever reach again the heights of her success from the early ‘00s. In one of the best celebrity comebacks, Britney managed to get the help she needed, and once her bipolar disorder was under control, she managed to release more successful albums, secure a spot as a judge on “The X Factor”, and get a $30 million Las Vegas residency.

Britney Spears BaldBritney Spears Comeback

Robert Downey Jr.

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