Beauty Secrets Using Natural Ingredients From Your Kitchen

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Published On 24 Apr 2014

In the search for the best natural beauty tips, the kitchen is the first place we turn to, as here is where we find a variety of ingredients which can potentially revolutionize our beauty routine, providing a myriad of alternatives for creating natural and cost effective products. These beauty secrets are worth including in your daily beauty routine as they can provide the same results as pricey over the counter cosmetics. From boosting the skin's health to getting better looking hair, there are many homemade beauty secrets you can take advantage of.

Beauty secrets for your face

If you're looking for an alternative to conventional cleanser, learn from one of the best natural beauty secrets from around the world and consider using rice water (obtained by soaking rice in water for 20 minutes) as a gentle cleanser. 

Simply soak a cotton ball in rice water and wipe clean the face to remove grime and other impurities.

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