Beauty Rules You Can Break

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Published On 04 Apr 2014

While some old school beauty rules are still great guidelines for taking caring of yourself, others have stopped being relevant and following them is either unnecessary or even harmful in the long run. From rules about tweezing and filing nails to skincare myths, here are the beauty rules you can break.

If you’re not sticking to the traditional, there are the beauty rules that can actually improve your skincare and makeup, but only once you’re ready to let them go.

1. Choosing Colors Based on Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Sticking to colors that go well with your skin tone is certainly a good option, but choosing something different is no longer a bad idea. Whether you have warm or cool skin tones, the biggest impact you makeup has on them is through the foundation and concealer. Once you’ve got good coverage in adequate shades for your skin, stop worrying and go for beautiful contrasts!

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