Are You Avoiding This Dangerous Food Ingredient?

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Published On 10 Jun 2014

It seems that more and more harmful ingredients for our health are included in processed foods which makes the rise in awareness concerning what we eat understandable. Researchers have managed to link various food additives and colorants to health problems, and it seems that a new ingredient has been added to the bad food ingredients for your health list: phosphates.

Just like sodium, or worst phosphates, which are chemicals included in foods and beverages alike to prolong shelf life, intensify flavor etc, can pose a serious threat to our health. 

According to latest studies, when consumed in high amounts, phosphates in food can lead to an elevated risk of heart disease, kidney failure and mortality. Now, phosphates do exist naturally in certain foods especially protein-rich ones such as dairy or meat, but the resorbable, organic phosphate esters that are naturally contained by these foods are broken down by the body during the digestion process, are incompletely absorbed and pose no health threat. 

On the other hand, industrial phosphates are completely absorbed by the organism and are added in much higher amounts in processed food as they are legal for use.

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