Aguaclara 2014 Swimwear Collection

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Published On 04 Apr 2014

The Aguaclara 2014 swimwear collection makes us dream about summer holiday in tropical paradises. The setting the label has selected for its new lookbook is partly to 'blame' for such beautiful thoughts, however, the gorgeous new alternatives the label prepared for sandal season are the stars that make the lineup truly memorable. With an experience of 25 years in offering amazing options that allow women to reveal their inner goddess, the label definitely knows a thing or two about how to create flattering, head-turning swimsuits.

For the spring/summer 2014 season, the label has experimented with a variety of prints and shapes. Pattern-wise, paisley and animal prints, abstract elements and tropical motifs are the main options the label focused its attention on.

Aguaclara 2014 Swimwear Collection Look  (1)Aguaclara 2014 Swimwear Collection Look  (2)
Aguaclara 2014 Swimwear Collection Look  (3)Aguaclara 2014 Swimwear Collection Look  (4)

An interesting particularity of the Aguaclara 2014 swimsuit collection is the use of paillettes, a choice which is quite rarely made when it comes to swimsuits but one that proves extremely interesting when viewed though the designers' unique lenses.

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