A Look Back at Oscar de la Renta’s Best Dresses

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Published On 21 Oct 2014

Oscar Arístides de la Renta Fiallo (1932-2014) has left a big mark on the fashion world and created gorgeous couture gowns for six decades. After finding international fame in the 1960s, the award-winning designer created collections for Arden, Balmain and Lanvin, while also developing his eponymous label.

Oscar de la Renta was inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame, served as the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America twice, in the ‘70s and in the ’80s, and was honored with the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. However, the most important part of his legacy is his vision of fashion.

“Never, ever confuse what happens on a runway with fashion. A runway is spectacle. It’s only fashion when a woman puts it on. Being well dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense,” the designer once said, quoted by the New York Times.

Discover a few of Oscar de la Renta’s best dresses that perfectly capture his unique sensibilities of color and shape, that made him a hit with everyone from Oprah and Taylor Swift to Jacqueline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s Wedding Gown

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