9 of the Worst Gluten Free Foods

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Published On 24 Apr 2014

When you’re on a gluten free diet, the worst mistake you can make is to shop for groceries thinking that any gluten-free foods have the same nutritional value. Processed foods can contain plenty of additives and other chemicals that aren’t great for you, even though they don’t contain any gluten.

Discover a few of the worst gluten-free foods, that have a high calorie content, or are packed with fats and sodium resulting in a meal that’s not exactly great for your waist.

Caesar’s Cheese Lasagna in Marinara Sauce

When you’re looking for comfort food, this gluten-free cheese lasagna might be a good choice, but it’s not exactly healthy if you eat it regularly. A single serving includes 520 calories, along with 14 g fat and 570 mg sodium.

Caesars Cheese Lasagna In Marinara Sauce

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