9 Best Dry Conditioners

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Published On 29 Mar 2014

After dry shampoo, dry conditioner is quickly becoming a must-have time saver that helps you keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful and fresh. A good dry conditioner can help detangle and soften your tresses, adds shine and smooths frizzy ends, all without getting your hair wet.

If your hair doesn’t look the same the next day after a blow out, extended the life of your look with dry conditioner. Whether you want to skip the shampooing and go straight to the blow dry or you want to keep your hair looking great with just a bit of brushing or finger styling, see the top choices for best dry conditioner.

How to Use Dry Conditioner

A great product you can use with or without dry shampoo, dry conditioner comes in a spray can and you only need a little to revitalize your beautiful hair after a blow out. Simply spray through your hair, without focusing on the roots. Apply it mid-shaft towards the ends, then brush, scrunch, style with your fingers or blow dry to get back the gorgeous look you deserve. 

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