7 Tips to Reduce Bloating After Eating

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Published On 23 Apr 2014

Bloating isn't solely an aesthetic problem. Many times, bloating can be downright uncomfortable and even embarrassing. While a bloated stomach can be caused by many different things from something as simple as poor food choices to more serious chronic conditions, there are several things which can be helpful in reducing gas and bloating besides taking over the counter remedies. Here are a few of them:

1.Pay attention to your eating habits

The unpleasant feeling of bloating can be caused by something as simple as eating quickly, which makes it easier to swallow air. This is one of the most common reasons why bloating occurs. Talking while eating, drinking very hot or very cold drinks during meals or drinking water shortly afterwards is not recommended as this can interfere with the digestion process by diluting the digestive juices thus increasing the chances of bloating, so avoiding these behaviors can be the first steps in preventing bloating after eating.

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