7 Habits of Highly Fit People

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Published On 22 May 2014

Studying the experts is one way to become better at establishing good fitness habits. They say excellence is not an act but a habit and fitness is one of the areas where the principle definitely holds true since all results can easily be lost without consistency. Getting in the right mindset is just as important as doing the right exercises, which is why learning from the behaviors and attitudes of those who successfully made fitness a lifestyle can be a good idea.

They view exercise as a privilege

Viewing exercise as a chore can easily take a toll on one's level of motivation especially when the activity isn't perceived as very enjoyable. However, working out offers a chance to challenge one's limits and get some much needed personal time, and this is how most of those who have managed to become fit think about their workout routines.

They plan ahead and don't look for quick solutions

Without planning, life can easily get in the way of our chosen goals and fit people understand that workout time has to be scheduled accordingly. Moreover, they aren't drawn to the quick fixes that often surface in the media as they understand that consistency when it comes to their daily choices is the key to success.

Fitness Motivation

They don't miss opportunities to get active

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