6 Budget Friendly Beauty Fixes

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Published On 16 Apr 2014

Learning a few cheap beauty tips and tricks can be helpful even if you're not forced to make adjustments to your beauty budget. After all, spending more efficiently is never a bad idea, especially when you can get the same results with little or no extra effort. Here a few budget friendly beauty fixes you can try in the comfort of your own home:

1.Reduce redness the affordable way

To reduce redness and calm irritated skin, look no further than your fridge. Milk is a great choice for reducing redness since it contains vitamin A, fats and amino acids which not only help calm the skin but also have exfoliating properties. Try soaking a clean washcloth in cold milk and placing it over your face for 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Visine can also be a good choice for reducing redness in specific spots: simply apply a small amount of product on blemishes to visibly reduce redness.

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