5 Hair Accessories You Should Own and 5 to Avoid

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Published On 20 Jun 2014

Even if you’re a fan of simple hairstyles, a good accessory can take your look to a whole new level. From trendy accessories to timeless classics, discover what really works and what accessories you should probably 'retire'.

Discover the 5 hair accessories you should own in order to create a variety of gorgeous looks and the 5 hair accessories to avoid because they can damage your hair or because they’re very hard to pull off the right way.

Must Have Hair Accessories

Whether you prefer to keep your hair accessories elegant or want to have a little fun with them, these essentials can help you achieve many beautiful hairstyles and looks.


One of the most important hair accessories you should own, headbands come in all shapes and sizes. From the hippie headbands to simple and modern black or white headbands, they can definitely add style to your look. Whether you’re going shopping or slipping into your LBD for a special date, a headband can add the wow factor to your look.


Decorative Clips

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