11 Ways to Stop PMS Cravings

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Published On 15 Sep 2014

When you’re wondering how to stop PMS cravings, the best place to start is to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients. Once that’s settled, and a multi-vitamin designed for women usually helps, here are a few more ideas on how to say no to premestrual cravings.

From your eating habits to choosing the right snacks that give you the maximum satisfaction with the least amount of calories, here’s what to do when you’re struggling with cravings before your period.

1. Increase the Number of Daily Meals

Sticking to three meals a day and the occasional snack is not the way to go when you want to discover how to stop PMS cravings. Instead, try eating up to six smaller meals throughout the day. 

If you eat something every three hours, you’re already helping your metabolism burn more fat, but this habit can also help keep hunger pangs and cravings at bay.

2. Fight the Magnesium Deficiency

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