10 Worst Summer Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Doing

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Published On 01 Jul 2014

Keep you summer look glamorous by avoiding some common makeup mistakes which can turn into full-fledged beauty disasters in hot and humid weather. Once you’re familiar with the worst summer makeup mistakes, you can also get a few tips on the right way to finish your look in the warmer months.

If using less or no makeup is definitely not an option for you this summer, then find out how to avoid the most common errors that end up ruining the summer look of many women.

Relying on Makeup SPF

Even if every makeup product that you’ll be using has a little SPF protection, the result isn’t cumulative and you won’t get full protection from harmful UVA/UVB radiation. If you’re using topical medication, that’s the first thing that should go on your skin when it’s clean and fresh. Otherwise, moisturizer goes on first, followed by sunscreen, before any primers, concealers or foundation, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Proper Summer Makeup

Using Your Year-Round Makeup Shades

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