10 Worst Plus Size Fashion Mistakes

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Published On 28 Aug 2014

While many of these common mistakes are also relevant to a size 0 model, they’re especially dangerous when you’re shopping for plus size clothing. Others are specific to women who have a larger body, but still want to dress to feel both confident and comfortable.

Check out the worst plus size fashion mistakes, and make sure that you’re not making any of them if you want to come across as stylish and well-dressed.

1. Wearing Something Unflattering to Be Courageous

If you’re not really aware of your body shape or believe that ignoring it is perfectly alright, you might end up wearing outfits that simply suck. Whether it’s horizontal stripes or any other details that is unflattering on your body, just stay clear of it. 

Of course you can make the occasional exception, but if most of your wardrobe is what you like, not what looks good on you, it’s time for a makeover.

Plus Size Pencil Skirt Outfit
photo: Aarti Olivia

2. Hiding Your Body Completely

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