10 Worst Foods In America

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Published On 23 Apr 2014

Obesity affects around 34% of the adult population in the USA and it’s no wonder since restaurants continue to serve calorie bombs that enable people to eat more than all the calories they need in a day in a single serving.

Discover a few of the worst foods in America, dishes and beverages that go over 2,000 calories and that also include insanely high levels of saturated fat, with or without a huge dose of sodium. From The Cheesecake Factory to Burger King, here are some of the worst things you can eat in the USA.

High-Calorie Sandwich: The Cheesecake Factory French Toast Napoleon – 2,530 calories

Including ingredients like white bread, pecans, cream, and plenty of sugar this sandwich packs up as many calories as 3 dozen eggs, according to Men’s Health. It also includes 65 g saturated fat, while The American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of only 16 grams. 

The Cheesecake Factory French Toast Napoleon

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