10 Ways to Ruin Your Self Tanning

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Published On 04 Nov 2014

When you’ve decided to use self tanner to get the perfect sun kissed glow, knowing how to apply it correctly is very important. But even if you’ve done it before successfully, you might run into trouble, so it’s important to know how to avoid and fix any problems.

Learn more about the biggest self tanning mistakes and find the perfect solutions to keep them from ruining your gorgeous tan. From preparing your skin carefully to getting a uniform look, here’s what you need to know.

1. Trying Self Tanner Before a Big Event

Stick to the brands that worked for you in the past if you’re planning or using it right before a big event. Otherwise, if you’re just starting out with self tanner, you better start using it in advance in order to get the desired effect. Exfoliate well 24 hours before using self tanning products and avoid the same-day application so you’ll have time to correct any mistakes, especially if you’re planning on wearing white.

2. Ignoring the Face/Body Recommendation

Avoid one of the biggest self tanning mistakes by sticking to facial products for your face and body products for everywhere else. Mixing them up might end up as a crucial error. Also, it’s better if you use face and body self tanning products from the same brand, so you know that you’ll get an even finish. Using two different brands can create different tones for your face and body.

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