10 Ways to Get Out of a Relationship Rut

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Published On 18 Nov 2014

It’s natural for your relationship to settle into a comfortable routine once the honeymoon phase passes, but getting stuck in a rut isn’t exactly the best thing in the long run. When everything starts falling into a boring pattern, mutual appreciation can decrease, and you sex life can suffer.

Find out how to get out of a relationship rut and inject a little unpredictable charm back into your love life. These simple tips can help you maintain the health of your relationship in the long run, since getting stuck in a rut can sometimes be a sign of the end.

1. Don’t Waste Time Playing the Blame Game

It doesn’t matter how or why you got to this point. If you’re gonna waste time assigning blame for how your relationship got stuck in a bad kind of routine, you’ll only create more emotional distance. Once you think that something should change, take charge and do something about it.

2. Make Your Date Nights Special

The best way to get out of a relationship rut is to spend more quality time together. Start by taking your date nights seriously. Instead of watching a movie at home, like you usually do, change things up and go out. Even if you stay in, you can still create a new experience by putting some more thought into the time you spend together.

3. Don’t Lose the “Me” Time

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