10 Ways to Avoid a Summer Beauty Meltdown

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Published On 22 May 2014

Adapting your skin care regimen to the season is always important, but even if you made all the right changes from winter to spring, you still need to step it up again in order to deal with the heat and sun, which can wreak havoc on your skin during summer.

Learn more about the best summer beauty tips, from choosing the right makeup to making sure that your skin is protected from chaffing when you sweat. These simple  rules for summer skin care will help you look and feel great all summer long.

1. Bring Out the Heavy Duty SPF Products

When you know you’ll be spending time outdoors in the sun, don’t skip the sunscreen. Choose the right SPF based on your skin tone (at least 15), and don’t count on makeup and cosmetics that include a little sunscreen. 

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