10 Things You Should Know About the Negative Calorie Foods Myth

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Published On 28 May 2014

Negative calories are a concept based on the idea that some foods have a calorie count that’s smaller the calories used by your body to digest and metabolize them. Therefore, eating them would be like exercise, helping you lose weight as you eat.

Since there are many diets that use the concept of negative calories, it’s important to know more about it, so you can separate actual scientific data from simple misconception. Here are the 10 things you should know about the negative calorie food myth, from the explanation of what a calorie actually is to negative-calorie beverages.

1. Understanding Calories

Measuring the amount of energy required to produce heat, the term calorie is used for food to signify the amount of stored energy you’ll get once you eat it. If the energy isn’t consumed by your body completely, it either exits the body through the digestive system, or it sticks around, as a fatty deposit.

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