10 Things That Ruin Your Hair

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Published On 21 Aug 2014

Even when you’re knowledgeable when it comes to hair care, you can still slip up and hurt your tresses in ways that aren’t immediately noticeable. Take a look at the worst ways in which you can treat your hair in order to avoid them.

Some things that ruin your hair are very obvious, while others are less known or simply considered unimportant. If you’re serious about keeping your hair beautiful and healthy, here are the habits to avoid at all times.

1. Over Shampooing

Even a very mild shampoo can strip too much of the useful natural oils from your scalp and hair when you use it dairy. However, if you absolutely have to shampoo every day, don’t use too much of it. 

A quarter sized amount of shampoo is enough for daily use, even for long hair. If you have a pixie cut, you might use even less than that.

2. Getting Rough with Wet Hair

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