10 Signs You’re Too Good for Him

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Published On 20 Aug 2014

Mismatched couples can develop a lot of issues, but sometimes it’s clear that one partner is the one pulling all the weight, while the other just isn’t that interested in the future of the relationship.

When you’re wondering if you’re wasting your time, it’s time to check the most important signs you’re too good for him. If your man fits the profile, then you just might need to cut your loses and be single again until you find someone who’s more interested in treating you as well as you treat him.

1. You Can’t Really Be Yourself Around Him

If he’s making you feel bad about yourself or your sense of humor to the point where you can’t really be yourself anymore, dump his sorry ass. When your friends are noticing the situation as well, then don’t wait for one more day and rid yourself of this burden of a relationship. He’s not worth it.

2. He Just Doesn’t Make Any Real Effort

One of the clearest signs you’re too good for him is when he’s either not making any effort, or makes the smallest possible effort in order to sustain the relationship. Not everything has to be a perfect compromise, but when you’re constantly giving and he’s constantly taking, or he doesn’t even bother to reply to your texts for hours, you might consider moving on.

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